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AAPOF is a diverse but small community and a self-proclaimed nation! AAPOF is a micronation! This page was made by the Queen of AAPOF herself, Alyssa Wong! Please feel free to explore! This wiki will teach you everything you need AND don't need to know about AAPOF! Please note that the Queen enjoys using exclamation marks to end sentences to make things seem more fun. That's why it's the Alyssa Amusement Park of FUN!

A Short History of AAPOFEdit

Before you begin exploring our amazing wiki, please take the time to read this short history of AAPOF. 

On December 6th 2016, the birthday of the founder of AAPOF, AAPOF was founded. On the founding day, all the citizens came together to celebrate. Although AAPOF now existed you could still find it under Mumisa Land on Google Maps . AAPOF itself only came into existence after the Queen diligently made many random people she found sign a petition to make AAPOF a reality! There were SO MANY signatures that there were more than twice as many signataures as there were citizens! The scrolls are still on display today. AAPOF also has another state in it called the Alyssa Water Park of Watery Fun! AWPOWF includes the lush greenery and freshwater koi pond lakes in AAPOF. Soon after this date the first Scrolls were made. The very first scroll was the Declaration of Aapofian independence and was signed by Charlize Lee, the first citizen. Charlize became the official Scroll-Keeper of AAPOF. She made the first aapofian quota and identity cards. Due to this she then became all government officials. But then Jolie Chan became a rebel, rebelling against AAPOF! She soon gained a few followers but they were nothing compared to the population of AAPOF. Acting quickly, the Queen and Government Officials Mcpeeze had her added to the quota of banned peoples. Tiny Daniel was then added as well. After this, Jolie was known as the Rebel Jolie. The Canine Family was then made to be the national animal because citizens couldn't decide between a spaniel, yorkshire terrier or a bichon frise. The AAPOF national anthem was then written by Charlize Lee. But peace did not last in AAPOF as the Battle of the Smiggle Waterbottle ensued! It was more of a murder mystery case only without the murder than a Battle but that was how it was remembered. It all started when a smiggle waterbottle was stolen! But soon with the help of Detective Maggie and General Mcpeeze and her soldiers it was found by the Queen. Because of this General Mcpeeze recieved a military award. The thief was Sissi, who was sort of running for government! She was added to the quota of banned peoples to ensure such a thing would never happen again! After this peace resumed. Mcpeeze soon crafted the choreographed dance moves to go along with the National Anthem! The Rebel Jolie was still attacking so the Federal Bureau of Aaapofian Investigation (FBAI) and the Central Aapofian Intelligence Agency (CAIA) was formed! Mcpeeze became the head of the FBAI and Jenny Wenny beame the head of the CAIA. They then started the very first spy mission and recruited the first spies! These two unamed spies were sent to infilitrate the Rebel Jolie's forces and succeeded!They both retired and are now veterans. Moogon is now is now a nuclear scientist using the knowledge she learnt with the Rebel Jolie. Maggie has returned to her civilian job as Head of Health and Safety ** . The Queen herself then got the first piece of evidence for the FBAI and the CAIA's evidence archive! By now thanks to Citizen Recruiter Charlize Lee the aapofian population has skyrocketed! After this In the Heart of AAPOF was made! It started as a parody for Jenny Kim the AlyssaTuber's channel but soon became a movie! When the Queen Alyssa saw all the movies that were being made she decided to create the Oscarpofs, a sort-of parody of the Oscars! But Mcpeeze who organises the Oscarpofs called them the Aapofscars so you can use either in AAPOF. The very first ones were held soon after! The very first Mcpirthday holiday was then held! Little Pilgrims then became number 1 on the aapofian billboard. It was a parody of Little Einsteins. Most things are sort of parodies in AAPOF! That's why we value originality and are a diverse community! Soon after AAPOF went digital with this Wiki! We will continue to update this short history until it becomes a long history! Recently, a dead bird was found in a tree in the aapofian jungle. This jungle is the habitat of the national mascot, Daniel the Dog. The High Treason scroll was the created. Aapofians have amazing senses of humor which was proven when they all pretended to rebel against the Queen. Sadly, a real rebel attack occurred that same day. The Rebel Jolie led an attack on the government and the Queen but fortunately the General Mcpeeze got everyone out safely. The Queen was severely injured but she continued to rule with a determination that was admired by all her citizens. Of course these injuries may look like light/invisible bruises but they are far more serious than that. A heart-wrenching true documentary is going to be made about this true event and it will compete with The Discovery of the 1BCP for Best Documentary in the next Aapofscars. Recently all aapofians played very late April fools prank on the Queen. They all pretended to leave AAPOF and join the Rebel Jolie. THANKFULLY, for them the Queen has a sense of humor. AAPOF also has a national sport now, table football. There are were 2 teams, the Never-beaten-before Mcpeeze and the Anti-Mcpeezizsts whose sole purpose is, as their motto suggests, to 'destroy Charlize's winning streak'. The team consists of the Queen, Jenny Wenny and Maggie. Despite there being so many of them they still can't beat Mcpeeze. Hence their chant: "Destroy! Destroy what? Charlize's winning streak! ....eventually." Soon after, however, the Anti-Mcpeezizsts managed to beat Mcpeeze in a very close game! Now, Jenny of the Anti-Mcpeezizsts was going to join Mcpeeze's team to make things fair! However, Mcpeeze decided to retire instead and became a legend and a legacy in AAPOF. She is now training and refereeing the next generation of unbeatables. The documentary about the Rebel Attack has been changed into a TV series that may stretch the truth just a tiny tiny bit. There is a movies in the works inspired by the attack called AAPOF Has Fallen, a dystopian/horror/thriller/allthingsawful movie about how bad the world will be if the Rebel Jolie succeeds and AAPOF falls. It was later changed to a T.V series because there was too much content for just one movie! The Grapoffys which is a parody of the Grammys is also about to happen soon. There is a new religion emerging in AAPOF known as 'Jennyism' which was started by the Prophet Jennymus and has a God and Pope and follower(no s) called Jenny and a holy book called the Jennyble. So far no citizen's have joined it so it is unlikely to become AAPOF's main religion anytime soon. AAPOF has recently gained a librarian and new citizen so we expect our books page to DOUBLE with the number of books there! It might even go from 1 book to 2! The AAPOF billboard is now booming with 28 hits in one day. The Rebel Jolie recently attempted the biggest heist in Aapofian history. She stole 3 very important missiles/national secrets/Alyssa, Charlize and Megan's water bottles. She made it ALL the way back to Rebel Base but thankfully General Mcpeeze and her Maggie Troops managed to take back the 3 stolen items! AAPOF is now on High Alert in order to protect AAPOF from further heists! The Aapofian billboard is going crazy with all the songs being added daily! There are originals and raps and so much more! Mcpeeze/M to the C to the Peeze and Wenny are competing for the most hit singles. A record was set for 5 hit singles in half an hour. The Queen honoured the General Mcpeeze by naming her Temporary Queen for 1 WHOLE LUNCH TIME! There was a coronation and everything. She used this time to give herself a million hit singles which she gathered into one rubbish album called Gibberish. It is now known as the Worst Song Ever. A new T.V series set to rival AAPOF Has Fallen is in the works. It will be called Starpofian Wars: The Rogue One. It is about Agent Maggie, renowned spy who has recently gone ROGUE! She is now a DOUBLE AGENT and a REBEL FOR REAL! The same actress (Wenny) who played Rebel Jolie in AAPOF Has Fallen will play the Rogue One in this series. Another truce has been announced between AAPOF and the Rebel Jolie because the Queen sent her some Harry Potter gifs. It will end in 2 days time. Over the summer, the Empire of AAPOF sadly began to fade away, ending officially on the 4th of September 2017 . AAPOF will never end!!!!!!!!!On the 6th of December, 2017, we will celebrate the vast history of the mighty empire. It will always exist in the memory of us loyal citizens. No more changes will be made to the Wiki by the Queen. Look out for The Rise and Fall of the Aapofian Empire, Memoirs of an Ex-Queen, the Life and Times of Papisa de la Pong, Based on a True Story, A Novel by P Pongington the III, for a detailed history of AAPOF.  


The population of AAPOF is huge! It is huge because AAPOF doesn't use a one person one body policy! This means that one citizen can be 10 citizens by making up 9 nicknames for themselves! Due to this we aren't exactly sure what the exact population is! The first citizen Mcpeeze used this to become all government officials. Even the Queen is other people such as the ones in charge of making the documentaries that appear on AAPOF TV. This set the trend for people to be multiple people! That's why AAPOF is a diverse community! The AAPOFIAN economy is very rich because Jenny Wenny Kimsta became all millionares and trillionares and billionares. She is also the number one AlyssaTuber due to talent and a sort of lack of competitors.  There are big things in store for AAPOF now that we are a micronation! If other micronations want to contact AAPOF please start a discussion. We also understand that with time the short history might get a tiny bit not so short but you should still read it ANYWAYS. Thank you!

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